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This Web Site has a comments page. It is designed to receive and display the thoughts of our Residents on the monstrous proposal of warehousing and football ground at junction 12. Please give us your views by clicking HERE .


Toddington Village SignWelcome to the web site of the Toddington Residents Association, or TRA.

The (TRA) was set up with the support of South Beds District Council in 2006 and works to present the views of residents with particular reference to the Parish Plan.

Obviously the proposed development at Junction 12 is of a major concern to you as residents and the feedback we get from the majority of you is that we are totally against these proposals. In fact on 27th April 2007 the TRA chaired a meeting at the Village Hall and over 400 people attended. As a result a specific Action Group has been formed. CAST - The Campaign for A Sustainable Toddington. Please visit the CAST page on this website for more information. If you are able to aid the CAST campaign with a donation please see our DONATE page.

This web site will not only cover the Junction 12 issue, but in time it will also feature important issues regarding our community including:




Roads and Traffic




Licensing and Policing


And much more!

 Toddington is a beautiful village situated in the middle of green belt countryside in South Bedfordshire.

Parts of our village date back to 1218, so it could be said that Toddington is a village with a proud history! Queen Elizabeth the 1st even visited Toddington back in 1563....

Our current population is just over 4,000

 Toddington is famous around Bedfordshire as we have an amazing collection of Public Houses. Eight in total at the last count.

 Toddington also has two of the very best schools in Bedfordshire. Toddington St Georges Lower School and Parkfields Middle School. Both of these schools feed into the equally impressive Harlington Upper School.

Because of our fantastic schools, community spirit and excellent geographic location Toddington is fast becoming a very popular location for families to bring up their children in. 

Maybe that is why we are prepared to fight any proposed development which puts our idyllic way of life at threat,

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